Doctoral Consortium

0830 – 0900: Registration

0900 – 0910: Introductions

0910 – 1030: Accessibility

  • Rhythmic haptic cueing for gait rehabilitation of neurological conditions. Theodoros Georgiou, Simon Holland and Janet van der Linden
  • Improving user interaction through a SmartDisability Framework. Paul Whittington
  • The use of technology to provide physical interaction experiences for cognitively able young people who have complex physical disabilities.  Mark Moseley
  • MAMI: A Modular Accessible Musical Instrument. Asha Blatherwick

1030 – 1100: Coffee

1100 – 1230: Education & Social Media

  • Self-Compassion, Psychological Resilience and Social Media Use in Thai Students.  Thanyalak Boonlue, Pamela Briggs and Elizabeth Sillence
  • Persuasive Technology in Education: Motivating Individuals to Enter Higher Education. Aamna Toor
  • Agile Search: A tool for searching apps easily on mobile by gesture. Chi Zhang
  • Semiotic Perception of Signs in Web Interfaces on Mobile Devices. Waleed Alnuwaiser and George Buchanan
  • Understanding Severely Constraining Situational Impairments When Accessing Mobile Technologies. Sidas Saulynas

1230 – 1400: Lunch

1400 – 1530: Web & Design

  • Enhancing Usability of Non-Trivial Online Forms through Modelling.  Aathira Majnu
  • Reading, Processing and Interacting with Hypertext on the Web.  Gemma Fitzsimmons, Mark Weal and Denis Drieghe
  • A Framework for Public Bodies for Managing the Secure and Appropriate Release of Open Source Data. Jane Henriksen-Bulmer
  • Design Principles of Augmented Reality Focusing on the Ageing Population. Sha Liang
  • Artistic Brain Computer Interfaces. Richard Ramchurn
  • E-Discovery: Towards a Narrative Representation Approach to Enhance Predictive Coding-based Review. Kholod Alsufinai

1530 – 1600: Coffee

1600 – 1730: Poster session